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BDI is at 1279 on 12 Jan 2018

Baltic Dry Index on  19 October 2017 was at 1582 , indicating that dry bulk owners were in the money.

​Cape Size Index was at 3186 , with cape size tonnage averaging USD 22,000/- day​​

Baltic Dry Index in mid-Dec 2018 is hovering around the 1400 mark, due to the Trade War between USA and China

Ship Speed the Biggest Noise Factor for Killer Whales


Killer whales have been shown to be affected by the noise from boats in their vicinity. The vessels' sounds harm the animals' ability to communicate with each other and to find food. Now it's been asserted that it's less the size of the boat causing the sounds than it is the speed at which it is moving.

Drewry: Container Shipping Losses to Cap USD 5bn in 2016

Freight rates for container shipping are expected to experience a further fall in 2016 as the supply-demand imbalance continues widening resulting in more losses for boxship owners, according to shipping consultancy Drewry.... click on link above


Shipping industry still weighed down by overcapacity as per UNCTAD report in October 2017. The shipping demand is below the historical 3% average and lags behind supply keeping freight rates and earnings low in most segments

But as world seaborne trade continues to gather steam -- forecasts show a compound annual growth rate of 3.2 per cent between 2017 and 2022 -- the situation could improve relatively soon, if the industry can shed its excess weight.​

​This could be done, the report says, by building fewer ships, by scrapping more, or by increasing "capacity sharing" -- essentially the pooling of cargo among carriers to improve economies of scale and reduce operating costs.

Shipping News

Adm Zukunft  of USCG to Congress: "We detain 2-3 ships every day because they are not in compliance even though the flag state claims they are"

China's giant COSCO after its takeover of Hong Kong' s OOCL  it very likely that Cosco may emerge as the largest container shipping  company in the world ​in not too distant a future.​

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